PrimaHealth Credit

PrimaHealt Credit offers borrowers with financing options through an easy to use transparent lending platform. Our mission was to create a user experience that met their highest standards of stransparency while simplifying the lending experience.

Our role

  • Visual design
  • Research
  • User Experience
  • Design and Development
  • Responsive Build

The project

Our objective was to design a user experience that delivered transparency and education of financial products to Prima's lending platform.

The result was a device agnostic interface that seamlessly walked borrowers through the lending experience. Through proper information hierarchy the new interface displayed the relevant information necessary for borrowers to make a decision on financial products.


I would highly recommend Vergent. They took the time to understand our business objectives and the results showed. Vergent not only delivered what we wanted, but they also added a lot of value to our product.


Brendon Kensel PrimaHealth Credit Founder and CEO

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